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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Our All-terrain Mobility Scooter

In March 2008 we took delivery of an electric Tramper that was generously donated by the Valentine Trust, a charitable trust based in Poole.
Some of our volunteer helpers find that escorting the drives on a bicycle is a bit too much so this electric buggy is an absolute godsend!

Made by Salisbury based Beamer Limited, the Tramper electric scooter is unlike anything you will see in the high street.
The "Tramper" is a real outdoor activity electric buggy designed specifically to cover rough ground, mud and grass safely.

There is not day goes by that we are not reminded what a blessing this vehicle is to us who are all getting on in years(!) and so very thankful to the Valentine Trust.
It is very important that we keep the pastures clear of the horses' manure to maximise their grazing area and to reduce the chance of a likely worm burden on the pasture.
So, first thing each day we we go out and clear up the droppings of the previous day. In the past it was a case of three of us each pushing a wheelbarrow, but now it easily accomplished by two of us in a very short time using the Tramper towing a trailer.
The manure is used by the horticultural part of Holton Lee.
Moving the heavy water trough, taking the cones out to the field for driving skills are just some of the tasks for this versatile vehicle of ours.

Holton Lee provide several of these machines for their guests to explore the 350 acres of the estate and they are well used!
For more information about these wonderful buggies visit

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